I remember that this time ten years ago, I was feeling somehow cheated.

Someone took this picture on my flip phone after another car flipped and took my car with it April 15, 2007.

Four months before I was exhilarated at having been spared from death. I was sure that God had sent angels to protect me.

This is the car in the lot where is was towed.

But four months afterward it occurred to me that if I had died in the horrendous car crash, I would be enjoying heaven. My gratitude to God for saving me had eroded into depression.

For several years that depression, though not deep, motivated me to long for death.

I never was close to contemplating suicide. I just wished that God had taken me home in the car accident.

The reason I thought of those dark moments today is that now I am doing everything I can to live to be a hundred.

I would still welcome an earlier “home” going if God chooses, but in the meantime, I love my life and have many things I still want to accomplish.

To achieve my goal, there is something that I must do.

I must work to stay healthy.

I must maintain a healthy weight.

Back in March, I started a weight management regimen with a product line from my company.

Healthy foodI had confidence that these products along with exercise and a healthy diet would help me keep my body at a weight that would give my 71-year-old joints relief and would reduce the unhealthy belly fat that I am genetically predisposed to carry.

Those two things could extend my life and my enjoyment of that life.

And I had lost weight.

Then life happened.

First, I went into comfort food mode after my sister-in-law passed away.

Then, I went into resort food mode when I traveled with family to Los Cabos to celebrate my daughter’s wedding.

Third, I didn’t exercise will power to get back to the plan.

I have been indulging myself long after the excuses I gave myself had passed.

As of yesterday, I had gained back everything I had lost in March and more.

celebration-background_My2UqpjO_L.jpgYesterday, I resumed the plan.

I am counting calories, eating healthy food, and taking probiotics that get to where my digestive system can use them, a fat burner that targets my unhealthy belly fat and protein that will help keep me on target.

I took before pictures, measurements, and weight.

I am not posting them here. You may at some point see the pictures with an amazing after picture.Before Picture

But let’s be realistic. Time and gravity have taken their toll. So, you are most likely spared the sight.

And my goal is not to get into a bikini. I never have worn one. I am not starting now. My goal is to feel better and live longer.

I will not divulge my weight or measurements.

I do plan to post weekly overall results. I need all the aids I can, including accountability to you.

A prayer directed my way would also be welcome.

How is my depression doing?

Mostly, it is gone.

SAD, seasonal affective disorder, has been an issue for me in the past. So, with more cloudy days that usual it should be flaring right now but it is not.

I can’t prove it; but I think that the supplement I have been taking is largely responsible.

Another factor must be that God has given me the ability to be home with Mom, caring for her and our home. That is what I am hard wired to do.

For me, working from home has always been what I wanted to do. Now I am doing that and still learning and achieving new skills.

Life is good.

It will be even better in a couple of months when I have reached my weight goal.

I welcome your comments.

Feel free to email me.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

10 Actions More Effective Than Wearing Company Branded Clothing

I don’t know about you but it irks me when someone slams an idea without offering constructive alternatives.

So today, after yesterday’s blog –  I Will Not Wear My Company’s Branded Clothing! And Why You Shouldn’t Either.,  I challenged myself to make a list of ten actions that are more effective than wearing your company’s branded clothing.

My list comes with this disclaimer: You can still wear your company clothing. Just don’t think that it is working to build your business. And be aware that you might be advertising for someone cross line of you.

I believe that any action other than wearing company branded clothing is likely to work better as advertising for your business.

And you need to be advertising even if you don’t have an advertising budget.

  1. Be a Product of Your Product

approval-15914_1920Your advertising budget should include purchasing of your product.

Enjoy the benefits of your unique product (I hope your product is unique. And can you explain to someone simply why your product is unique?)

Talk about the benefits you are receiving.

If you represent a health and wellness product, share how you are feeling.

If you represent a beauty product, share selfies of you feeling more beautiful and confident.

If you represent a technology product, share how your life is more productive.

  1. Be a Positive Person – Even When Negative Things Are Happening

woman-in-home-office-using-computer-smiling_StveHcpAHj.jpgThink about your Facebook Friends and their posts. Which ones are you drawn to? Is it the people who are constantly complaining? Are you drawn to people who see themselves as losers and victims?

You are drawn to the people who can post positively even when events in their lives are negative.

They may be sharing a prayer request when life throws them a difficulty. But they most likely will also share gratitude to those who offer encouragement.

Are you especially impressed by those who are grateful?

Be positive. Be grateful.

Give yourself a gratitude challenge. For thirty days post about something/someone you are grateful for.

  1. Take Responsibility – Make Those Calls

woman-indoors-using-cellular-phone_SKOX3RHo.jpgThis one falls under the category Anything Is More Effective than Wearing Branded Clothing.

For some network marketers, making calls is highly effective. For some, maybe you, it just isn’t. But it is still better than wearing branded clothing.

And there are certainly ways of making calls that are more effective than others. It takes practice to find which works best for you. It takes practice at being effective doing it.

  1. Invite to Company Event

I can say ditto to my comments from #3. Still many people have grown their business using the invite. It will work for some very well. Try it and see how it works for you.

Today, most of us can even invite people in other parts of the country, even the world, to internet events.

Don’t dismiss this action too quickly.

  1. Brand Yourself

mobile-phone-1917737_1920Create a Facebook Fan Page.

(Or similarly use Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram or YouTube. I decided to only focus on one and chose Facebook.)

There are good ways to use Facebook and there are better ways.

And there are ways that are business busters.

Don’t be spamy!

If you want to use Facebook, do it well.

Julie Burke built her network marketing business using Facebook. She didn’t make a list or invite to home meetings. She built a 6-figure business and trained her team to use her methods.

Here is a link to a blog by Julie about building your personal brand.

  1. Love Others More Than Yourself

join-770560People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

And you won’t care about others unless you love them.

Decide to love those around you and you will find that you care more about them.

Once that happens, they will open up to listening to you.

Even so, your opportunity isn’t for everyone. When you love someone and they have a plan they are passionate about, do you encourage them in it?

There are several people in my life that I strive to be all the encouragement I can be as they pursue something other than joining me and my opportunity. I do it because I love them.

  1. Be Passionate About Your Company and Products

This is an affirmation of what you hear from your company and up line ad nauseam.

Attend events.

130413_lifevantage-366 (2)Events are designed to build and sustain your passion.

Passion is a key ingredient for overcoming your fear of sharing.

Skip events at the risk of slowing down your business growth.

  1. Interact with New Contacts Every Day

0o1a5090-1644 (1).jpgThree a day.

That is a pretty constant number when I hear folks from different companies talk about what it takes to be successful.

It is true whether your contacts are to a cold market or warm market.

If you don’t want to continue to hound your family and friends, you need to build your list from the rest of the world’s population.

Here is the good news.

There are more people you don’t know than people you do know.

Go find them!

  1. Listen to Your Warm Market with a Servant Heart

beautiful hipster young women sisters friends

After you have begun to practice #6 you can put this action to use. Listen to folks to hear what they want. Be ready to support them in what they believe is best.

You can only do that when you love them.

And even then it will be hard.

I have a product that I believe will change everyone’s health.

It is hard to accept when people I love aren’t using it.

Here are a couple questions that I ask myself. Maybe they will help you.

“Do you like someone telling you what personal choices you should make?”

“Do you want someone else to make decisions for you?”

For me the answer is a huge NO!

Remember that when sharing, allow others to make their own choices.

Keep in mind that you are an educator about your company and products. You are not in control of others’ lives.

  1. Attraction Marketing


You have another internet option besides Facebook.

It enables you to target an audience which is likely to be interested in your products and/or business opportunity.

It involves a bit of a learning curve depending on how involved you choose to make it.

It makes the internet your market.

You can choose to never trouble family or friends again.

If that is something that you want to investigate, I recommend a free Ten Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

Attraction Marketing isn’t for everyone.

I have been challenged by the learning curve and exhilarated by rising to the challenge.

It has enabled me to continue sharing while staying home with my mom.

But you will have to commit to learning new skills.

And those are my ten.

Do you have any additional actions to suggest? I know you have.

Email me  your ideas.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

If you find value in this blog please share with others. Thank you!

graphicstock-two-beautiful-blonde-women-talking-at-the-bar-in-the-city_HxNnzoYbeW (1).jpg

I Will Not Wear My Company’s Branded Clothing! And Why You Shouldn’t Either.

I have been with my company for 7 years and love it’s comp plan and product lines.

I have purchased and worn their clothing in the past.

But I always wondered if it was effective advertising for me and my business.

At our last event, there was plenty of “swag” to choose from. But I wasn’t tempted.

Here are three compelling reasons why I don’t and you shouldn’t wear advertising for our companies:

I am just one of many.#1 I am only one of many distributors sharing the company business opportunity and products.

When I advertise for the company – on my person or on line – I may be helping someone beside me.

I may become the endorser for another distributor’s sale; that is fine if it is their prospect. But not if it is mine.

And even though there is a great spirit of cooperation in our company, I want my prospects to sign up with me not the other distributors.

In fact, I need for my prospects to sign up with me or I will not be in business for very long.

You and I must embrace the fact that we are the advertising campaign for our companies. We are compensated based upon our effectiveness not our activity.

Your time and financial resources are limited..png#2 You have limited time and financial resources.

If you are like me, your time and financial resources are limited. So we need to be wise in how we use those resources.

Use your time to reach people. For me that means blogging, emails, Facebook posts.

For you that may mean more traditional network marketing tools like inviting to home and hotel meetings, engaging with people at networking events.

I suppose wearing a company polo shirt doesn’t take away from your time. But it does take away from some other more productive financial activity.

How many brochures could you purchase with the money you spend on your company swag? And did you brand your brochures with your name and contact information?

I was given a gift of bath salts by a distributor for one of the essential oil companies. It had the company name on it not hers. I think it was mainly a gift not a sales tool. But why not make it both?

Perhaps, the best use of your financial resources is to buy and use your product. It should be considered a business expense but check with your tax adviser about that.

That brings me to the last reason.

Be your best advertisement. (1).png#3 You should be your best advertisement for your business.

You should be using your products and talking about how you are benefiting from them.

Weight management is perfect for this. Just let your friends on Facebook know that you are starting a weight management regimen. Then report your results.

(This has a side benefit as it gives you greater incentive to stick to your weight loss plan. You have to have results to report!)

Avoid mentioning trade names of your product. As you talk about your results you will get inquiries.

Then you take the conversation to a private level. Personally contact them using Messenger or a good old fashioned phone call.

Begin the dialogue as you would any other prospect.

If you are in a travel company, post pictures of your last trip and talk about the experience.

When you get questions, take it offline with a personal conversation.

Remember that when you are posting to all your friends you keep the information brand neutral. Google is not the way you want them to learn about your company and product.

I love my company and its products.

And when I went to my last event I did wear branded clothing – that I had purchased in the past.

My point is that wearing your company clothing may work for them; but it won’t do much for your business.

I invite you to call me (720-507-8231) or email me if you want to know what company I am with.

I am an affiliate with a company that has taught me how to use the internet to build my business.

If you are interested in learning more, you can start with a free Ten Day Boot Camp. You will learn about Attraction Marketing and the company I am affiliated with.

Here is the link to the free Ten Day Boot Camp

God bless you,

Connie Suarez




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A Warning if You’re Building Your Network Marketing Business Online

When you venture off to do something different, you’re going to meet resistance.

This is as true in business as in life.

And network marketing is certainly no exception.

So to help you avoid any trouble with your company or your upline, this post is a preemptive warning for anyone building their business online.

My focus is to detail how you can mitigate any potential issues in advance.

This is especially important if you’re already producing a significant income with your company, because you obviously don’t want to do anything to compromise that source of revenue.

So to kick things off, let’s start with something that should be obvious…

Bottom line: you agreed to your company’s policies when you signed up to be a distributor.

You should have read them then, of course.

But if you didn’t, you need to go back and read them now.

Policies vary from company to company, so don’t assume they’re the same as another company you may have worked with in the past.

Some companies are such dinosaurs, unfortunately, and are so “old school,” that they won’t let you do anything aside from your network marketing opportunity.

In my opinion, you don’t want to be tied down to a company with that policy.

So if you’re brand new in a company like that, I suggest looking around at other options.

But, if you already have a significant income, then you’re going to have to give your future plans some serious thought.

You’ll want to reflect on your options and ask yourself…

“Is it worth it to go online when I have an income to lose and my company policy doesn’t support online activity?”

You may decide, “No, not worth the risk.”

Conversely, you may instead decide, “Yes, I want to go online and build my personal brand.”

It’s your choice.

Now, if your company’s policies are restrictive, but you decide to go online anyway, I’m going to give you some tips that might help you stay out of trouble.

But first, you’ll need to know what you’re dealing with…

  • Does your company allow you to build (anything) online at all?
  • Do they allow you to build a brand in a related niche?
  • Are you planning to build a brand around network marketing, or build a following in, say, health and wellness, or another niche?
  • If so, do they see that as a conflict?

Some companies are okay with you building other opportunities and some are not.

This should be clearly stated in their policies.

Note that some companies may view affiliate marketing as another opportunity (though they shouldn’t).

So be extra vigilant and…

Read all policies as they relate to another opportunity

Pay attention to whether you’re allowed to do any form of affiliate marketing, which is promoting other people’s products on the Internet and thus earning multiple streams of income.

It’s going to be pretty cut and dry in terms of what they allow and what they don’t.

You’re going to have to make some business decisions as to how you want to move forward.

Not emotional ones, but business decisions as to what you want your future to look like, so you can answer the question…

“Does my company fit into the equation given their policies?”

This can be a tough crossroads in certain instances.

But it’s necessary to move forward.

And if you are ready to move forward with building your business online, I’d like to invite you to sign up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

Next up…

Here’s another important question:

Does your upline spread misinformation?

Because you must distinguish between actual policy and misinformation.

If your upline is not open to building online, and they are “anti-Internet,” it can make your life hard.

You know the type I’m talking about…

They just opened a Facebook account last year, they barely know how to use it, and they look silly on social media.

Thus, it doesn’t work for them, so they assume it doesn’t work for anyone.

And if they’re clearly anti-Internet, they’re going to push you not do it yourself.

They think, “the Internet is the devil.”

So they’re going to spread misinformation and tell you how you might get your account shut down.

This may or may not be true.


Read your company’s policies to know if your upline is telling you is the truth

You also want to look at how influential a particular person in your upline is.

How much sway do they have with the company?

In some cases they have a lot; in some cases they don’t.

So be familiar with both your company policies and your upline.

Next, here’s a very important way to avoid problems when building online…

This is a matter of integrity.

Whatever you’re doing—maintain a strict policy that you’re not going to sell or try to solicit people from your company.

Yes, this includes marketing other products and affiliate opportunities to them.

So if someone in your company approaches you asking for help related to building online, the wise thing to say is…

“Sorry, there is a conflict here. I want to be at integrity with our company’s policies, so I can’t sell you anything that’s related to these markets and so if you want to check it out, go to the home page of xyz affiliate program or talk to this person…”

Make no mistake, I’m 100% suggesting you…

Refer them to someone else!

I know it’s going to be really hard for you to give up that sale.

Some people demand a leader, so you’ll want to help them.

And you might take on the risk, especially if you’re not making much of an income in your network marketing business, because you wouldn’t feel you had a lot to lose.

You might also just be a rebel and want to do things their own way.

I get it.

And I understand the desire to want to help somebody even if they’re in your company.

If you’re really committed to their success, you might even feel like…

“Hey, there’s no one else that’s going to help them more than me.”

I get that mindset, but these are some of the decisions you have to make.

So if you want to stay on the safe side…

Don’t sell anything to anyone in your company!

Don’t sell them your products training.

And don’t sign them up for any affiliate programs—even if they approached you.

You can actually go so far as to put a disclaimer on your website saying you can’t work with anyone in your company, due to a conflict of interests.

Bottom line…

Refer them to someone else and avoid any potential conflicts.

Next up is a strategy most have never considered…

A personal alias is a brand run under an pen name or persona—so it’s you, but it’s not you.

For example…

Eben Pagan has been in the Internet marketing space for a very long time.

He started another business called “Double your Dating” – it’s a dating niche and he did it under an alias called David DeAngelo.

It was still him on camera, but he used an alias name.

It was a way to create a different Google search term and separate his name from his dating brand.

That way he could create entrepreneurial training in the Internet marketing space and it wouldn’t get intermingled with his products in the dating niche.

You can create two separate brands this way

I know a few people that have done that and they’ve done it successfully.

You can choose to work under an alias if you think it’s the right choice for you.

It creates a clear line of distinction, so if there are any issues you can demonstrate that you legally tried to separate one business from the other, by operating under a different brand.

The final thing that I’d recommend when trying to avoid potential issues is…

People like to fall in love and commit to their company no matter what, I get it.

I was with an old company that had very archaic policies, but I also wanted to be the first to use online methods.

And I was so committed to making the Internet work for this particular company, I said…

“I want to be the first; I want to show them that it works and then hopefully they’ll see the light and follow my lead.”

But unfortunately, that’s not how it usually works.

Most big companies don’t care about how much money you’re making for them.

They care about their bottom line collectively as a whole, and if it ain’t broke as a whole, they’re not going to try to fix it

And they’re going to try to protect their business, first and foremost—as they know it.

That becomes the conflict between the company and the lonely distributor (or even an upline member who’s a top earner).

Their priority will always be about their bottom line

…not your bottom line.

That’s tough to admit, but it’s just business.

They’re protecting their income and they’re not going to make any changes that might radically affect their business.

They’re operating from a scarcity standpoint.

And especially if they’re building internationally, and they don’t really need the US business, that becomes a tough obstacle.

So, be with a cool company if you’re going to build online.

It helps a ton.

To recap…

  • Know your company’s policies
  • Know your upline
  • If you choose to go against your company’s policies, consider using an alias to show you created a separate brand
  • Choose your company carefully and join a cool company
  • Don’t sell to people working within the same company!

Again, I know that’s last one is tempting because you have a following in your company and you want to basically take advantage of that.

But some companies are cool with that, and some are not.

Now, here’s my take on the online dilemma; in my opinion…

Building online is the best security you can create for your business

Make no mistake, though…

It may create some conflicts or issues, depending on your upline and the company.

But it’s totally worth it.

I’ve personally made millions of dollars online and I have control of all the income.

So consider your options…

  • Maybe you may want to build a Facebook following?
  • Maybe you want to sell affiliate products?
  • Or maybe you want to sell your own training programs?

No one can take these potential streams of income from you!

When you build an email list, with a personal brand in whatever market or niche that’s related to what you’re doing, you’ve created the ultimate security.


Because you own your brand

No affiliate program is ever going to kick you out or get upset because you’re promoting some other affiliate program.

That’s not the way affiliate programs work.

You don’t have the same worries with that stream of income.

If you decide to do mentoring or coaching as a direct selling trainer, or in the health and wellness niche, it’s not a problem.

The income is yours.

The more streams of income you add, the more security you have.

For me, the risks outweigh the rewards.

And ultimately, that’s how you’re going to attain true freedom.


With a network marketing company, you’re still an employee!

You don’t own anything.

The only thing you receive is a paycheck.

You don’t even own your downline, your company owns your downline; they’re not going to give you dominion over your downline.

Trust me, if they decide that you’re no longer a fit and they decide to cancel your account, you can’t take your down line with you.

And if you try to solicit them they will bring the hammer down on you.

You have no control.

But if you sign up for my free online recruiting bootcamp, I will show you how to change your situation – and in turn, your life.

You will learn how to create your own personal brand.

And you can go deeper into all these subjects and decide for yourself if building online is for you.

You’ll discover how to…

  • Get more leads,
  • Use Facebook ads,
  • Create your own brand,
  • Build your own following, and
  • Assure a secure income—no matter what happens with your network marketing company.

So if you’re ready to start learning the ins-and-outs of the entire online business-building process…

Then I highly recommend you sign up for my free online recruiting bootcamp.

You’ll learn the exact online strategies I use to passively generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into my business each month.

These are the same methods I’ve used to create a world-wide brand and over 14 million dollars in revenue.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-day bootcamp.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!


Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro


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Claim Your Free Internet Recruiting Bootcamp…

Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet

Before I met my friend and mentor Ferny Ceballos, my business was dead in the water.

My mom needed more care; that meant not much opportunity to get out and engage with my cold market.

My warm market loved me, but not my business. They weren’t going to suddenly say yes.

But I loved the company and products I represented.

I am so glad I found my guest blogger.

Ferny Ceballos is incredible.

He has taught me a way to make the internet my cold market. He has taught me how to warm it up.

But you should see for yourself. Here is his blog; Ferny Ceballos, my friend and mentor:

They say attending events is the key to having success in network marketing today, but there is one particular generic event I attended this past October which was a game changer for the industry.

Spending a week in Vegas for many, including myself, can prove to be a dangerous proposition.

The booze, the partying, the gambling, the… well… you get the idea…

However, for this event, ‘discipline’ was the name of the game for me!

Ok, I did have my share of sipping tequila, but if you know me… that’s pretty normal.

And I did skip out on business meetings to grab a seat at the Sports Book to watch game 4 of Dodgers vs Mets playoff game.

Aside from that, I was there to learn some network marketing strategies and to actually network… and I was in bed every night by 11:00 p.ml and up in the morning by 8:00 a.m.!

With all the excitement surrounding the countless superstar entrepreneurs who would be speaking in front of 8,000 people at the main event, I was actually more excited about something else…

You see, last year, I had attended an event – exclusively for top leaders in network marketing.

I was excited to once again, be at this exclusive event.

And my excitement boiled down to ONE BIG REASON…

If you are a 6-figure earner and want to be a 7-figure earner… OR Are a 7-figure earner and want to stay a 7-figure earner…

Then you better find a way to be involved in 7-figure Conversations!

There’s so much I could share with you and in time, I will be sharing much of what I learned to those who subscribe to my bootcamp newsletter.

But for now, I’d like to focus in on what was probably the most important thing that was shared and discussed that entire week in Vegas.

Industry Leaders in Network Marketing Concede That “Internet Recruiting Works!”


Friends of mine, who have earned tens of millions of dollars in network marketing, finally conceded that using “Internet marketing & recruiting can work!”

It is one of the most effective network marketing strategies ever!

Now, I’m not just talking about prospecting via social media, but marketing as well.

‘Internet marketing’ means using online branding strategies, advertising, Facebook fan pages, video blogging, email blasts, etc.

It always perplexed me that many leaders had this belief that Internet recruiting strategies were a “distraction,” given the fact that many of top earners have gone on to build their online brands using… well… Internet marketing!

Specifically, a type of Internet marketing we call “attraction marketing,” which focused on building a loyal following online and creating a trusted brand where people will literally buy anything you recommend, because they know, like and trust you.

Over the years, I had seen many people build successful network marketing businesses using the Internet, but since the majority of the industry still didn’t subscribe to these network marketing strategies, most leaders maintained the belief that it can’t be done and referred to it often as a “distraction.”

But standing in that room of about 200 top earners, were many people who had built their organizations partially or entirely online using pretty diverse Internet strategies, whom were recognized for their success and demonstrated that network marketing can be done using the internet with a diverse number of online network marketing strategies.

And believe me, I was paying special attention to these people when they stood up and shared, as did everyone else.

Therefore, as I’ve done many times before, I’m gonna share with you the top 3 Internet strategies that are actually used to build network marketing businesses today!

Strategy #1: Social Media Prospecting


This strategy is an approach which will seem pretty familiar, because it’s prospecting as we’ve always done it, just with an online twist.

Now prospecting on social media is NOT “Internet marketing,” however it still beats camping out at Walmart.

This is the process my client, Jason, who is a 7-figure producer in network marketing teaches to his team, after their warm market runs out…

1) SEARCH – Use Facebook Search to find ‘friends of friends’ who live locally (at least to start with).

There are a few reasons for doing it this way…

First of all, Facebook allows you to directly message ‘friends of friends’ so that your message goes into their main inbox, instead of the “Other” inbox, which most people don’t even know exists. (I didn’t know either, prior to this).

Secondly, you start with local, because it will allow you to eventually meet face to face with them to form a more powerful personal connection. Given that you have no prior relationship, it’s important to meet.

2) QUALIFY – Next, you take a minute to look at their profile and identify key interests that might resonate with you personally, your business or your products. You are also looking for more subtle things, like are they smiling in their pictures? Are they outgoing? Do they seem to be a positive person?

Bear in mind, you are prospecting, but you are also qualifying them.

For example, an interest in Robert Kiyosaki might indicate an interest in entrepreneurship or diversified income streams. An interest in CrossFit indicates an interest in health and wellness and that might resonate with your company’s products.

3) MESSAGE – Then you craft your first message to them, which believe it or not, follows a somewhat standard prospecting approach.

You can come up with a template, but each message will be tailored to them specifically. This message will mention friends you have in common. You mention that you’re a recruiter for a “health & wellness company” or whatever the niche is, you’re “expanding in the area” and you ask if they are “open to earning extra money?”

As Jason described it, “You throw the ball in the air and see if they swing back at it.”

You DO NOT want to be posting copy/paste messages with links to sign up for your opportunity. Not only is that not effective, it’s considered SPAM by Facebook and can get your account shut down and get your company in trouble too.

In this initial message, you aren’t giving them any info or links. You are simply trying to get them to express an interest.

4) BOOK – If they “swing back,” book a face to face meeting, if local or at the very least get them on the phone. You just let them know that details are better explained in person and, “if we were to work together, it’s a good opportunity to see if we would like each other! ;-)”

At this point, if they meet with you, hopefully your company or upline have defined a solid process for you to follow here.

According to Jason, he and his team experience about a 30% positive response rate.

If they don’t answer back, there are some different approaches here. Some play it safe and leave the 70% that didn’t answer back, alone.

Jason is an advocate of following up with a 2nd message 4-5 days later, if they don’t answer back. It’s a short message simply to see if they a) received the 1st message and b) to see if they are interested. Sometimes they don’t get the first message or see the message when they are in the middle of something and forget to answer back.

The 2nd message, will usually double his overall results vs only sending 1 message.

Sending a 3rd follow-up message is not recommended. At this point, you assume a “NO” and move on.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

On top of this, there are some really powerful and high leveraged online prospecting & network marketing strategies utilized by a friend of mine, which you can learn more about it here.

Strategy #2: The ‘Mouse Trap’ Method


This process is pretty simple and depending on your personality, may or may not be great for you. This pretty much involves posting your results on social media (i.e. setting the ‘mouse trap’) and waiting for people to express an interest via the comments or private message. (i.e SNAP!!!)

Additionally, to boost results, you can add a CALL TO ACTION to message you, if they want more info.

From a ‘leading with the opportunity’ angle, this would involve posting pictures and announcements about your ‘rags to riches’ story, income results, and the impact it’s made on your lifestyle. (Obviously, you can only do this if you’ve gotten results.)

I’ve seen people whom I know personally deploy this strategy with great success, but I’m a person that is very wary of this approach and I could see you running into compliance or even legal problems, if lots of people in your company are doing this. I personally don’t like this angle because it can piss off your real life friends & family, but I know it can work well too, because let’s face it, most people have a desire for more income.

Alternatively, with a ‘leading with the product’ angle, the mouse trap approach could be very powerful and usually more friend & company safe, especially if the results you are posting has to do with a personal or customer case study. This angle will help you generate more customers and a few of those customers may express an interest in the business, after they fall in love with the product.

We’ve seen this angle run rampant with weight loss challenges & case studies, which still work amazingly well, but can also work with other products, if there is a clear and visible result that was produced from product use.

For example, I’ve seen people in travel businesses, post pictures of their luxury vacation/trips and reveal how little they paid for that experience.

Or you can post pictures of yourself running a marathon, triathlon, or whatever, which would not have been possible without certain supplements.

Essentially, show everyone connected to you on social media a desirable change in your life, achieved in part or as a direct result of your product.

Once they express an interest, you follow whatever process you’ve been taught for closing people.

For closing offline after using strategy #1 or #2 for getting the prospect, I would recommend training by Tim Sales on presenting, closing, and enrolling new reps.

But if “closing” people is not your thing, then there’s my favorite Internet strategy, which I’ve employed in my business for the past 9 years…

Strategy #3: ‘Attraction Marketing’


I think we will all look back at the year 2015 as the tipping point for when Internet marketing (i.e. passive online selling & recruiting) was finally legitimized as the force it deserves to be recognized as, in network marketing.

Person after person, stood up at the event saying they built their businesses, primarily using the internet.

Now, if they were only 6-figure earners, what has happened in the past is that ‘old schoolers’ would dismiss their success as a ‘fluke’ or ‘non-duplicatable.’

However, 2 seats from me sat a woman who stood up when 7-figure earners were asked to identify themselves and she openly said that she built online and she described her strategy. (I later interviewed her to get a detailed account on what she did.)

What she outlined as the blueprint for her business was exactly a method we’ve been teaching at Elite Marketing Pro for 10 years, which we call ‘attraction marketing,’ outlined in our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here and published an e-book on called Attraction Marketing Formula.

In addition to her, others stood up and shared very similar approaches.

These folks didn’t message strangers online templated messages like in Strategy #1.

They didn’t fill their friend’s News Feeds with promotions for an opportunity or product as in Strategy #2.

What they did was they created a truly passive way of making sure that when they woke up each morning…

They would have an inbox full of notifications, letting them know that there were 10, 20, 50, or even hundreds of new prospects, interested in learning more about their opportunity or product or mentorship.

Or they would also have an inbox full of notifications of 5 – 10 new CUSTOMERS waiting to receive their product and excited about the possibility it holds for them.

Or they would also have an inbox full of notifications of 5 – 10 new DISTRIBUTORS ready to get signed up (or possibly already signed up while you slept), waiting to be led in their new exciting venture.

You see, just about every other type of business in the world is now using proven network marketing strategies, passive and scalable online marketing & advertising methods in ADDITION to prospecting and referral based methods.

So why NOT your network marketing or direct sales business? The only reason would be if it wasn’t a REAL business. But you and I know better.

There is a proven way to build online and you can learn more about it here via my bootcamp.

Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study.

But ultimately, enhancing your skill set by moving you into the 21st century. Are you ready for this journey?

Look forward to working with you.


Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

Claim Your Free Internet Recruiting Bootcamp…

How to Have a Business Mindset and Why That is Vital to Your Business Success

  • Let’s Start with the why.

    Hopefully, you have a “why” for building your business.
    Your why, the compelling reason you are working in the nooks and crannies of your life. The reason you are skipping your Starbucks every morning.
    You must provide a strong “why” to work a network marketing business.
    Well, you need to have a strong why for having a business mindset or you will sabotage all your sacrifice and hard work.
    Here is why:

    You Live in a World with an Employee Mindset.russia-95311_1920

    Unless you are already a business person, your business will be sabotaged by your employee mindset.
    For example, employees:
    • Do just enough to not get fired.
    • Expect the “security” of a paycheck.
    • Do not lose anything more than a job if the business fails
     Business owners:
    • Do whatever it takes for the business to succeed
    • Understand that in the beginning there is no profit; but later the profit will exceed the amount of work involved
    • Lose their investment if the business fails

    Here are three vital steps to developing a business mindset:

    Keep a Separate Bank Account

    Keep a Separate Bank Account

    There is nothing like having a bank account labeled – Business Account – to make you feel like a business person.
    But there is a more practical reason to keep a separate account. You will find tracking your income and expenses much easier with a separate account.
    Get a debit card to use instead of your personal credit card.
    And always get a receipt. Write on the receipt what business activity is tied to it. Then keep that receipt.
    Commit to this rule: all business expenses come out of your business account. Your personal and business lives are intertwined but you must be disciplined in keeping the money aspects separate.
    There are three benefits to doing this:
    First, you will be your accountant’s favorite at tax time.
    And you will pay less taxes if you have faithfully kept your expenses separate. The equation is simple: more expenses to offset your income means less taxable income.
    Second, you will be aware as the loss in your business decreases and eventually the profit increases.
    You don’t need a fancy system. Just look at your monthly statement. You will be able to recognize the cash flow picture.
    Third, you will grow in your sense of ownership. You will be motivated to make more calls, to post that blog consistently, to watch the webinar.
    Ownership will help you manage your expectations, as well.
    It is simpler if you don’t pay with cash. If you need to pay cash, maintain a petty cash fund, keep the receipts, and replenish from your business account.
    Commit to Give Money to Your Business Each Month

    Commit to Give Money to Your Business Every Month for at Least a Year

    This will help you grow out of the employee mindset and into the business ownership mindset.
    If you were keeping an accounting system. The money you put into your business account would be equity – ownership.
    When you spend for business expenses out of your business account, you are not decreasing your equity. You are creating an expense that will offset the income that you earn.
    Your equity will only decrease if you take money out for personal uses.
    When you put money into your business account, you are investing in your business.
    Keep track of that. If you invest $1000 a month in your business, at the end of the year you own a $12,000 business. If you are generating more than $1000 a month in income, you own a profitable $12,000 business.
    And if you can’t invest $1000 a month, do what you can.
    Calculate what you will need to spend: product (Most companies require a product purchase and even if yours doesn’t you need to be using your product. People will ask you. You must be able to say yes. That makes personal product purchases a business expense.), travel to events (Those are business expenses – plan for them by putting money into your business account every month.), cell phone and internet expenses.
    Commissions Are Paid Income to Your Business.png

    Understand That Commissions Paid Are Income to Your Business Not You

    I once heard an excited new liquor store owner tell the wife of a famous brewer about their new business venture.
    I did not expect her only comment, “Don’t drink the profits!”
    So when you get that wonderful commission check or direct deposit, “Don’t drink the profits.”
    Don’t go buy the new car, just yet.
    Yes, reward yourself. You have worked hard for that commission. But if your reward requires spending money use personal money. Or make the reward sitting and watching a fabulous sunset. Or taking a walk first thing in the morning.
    Remember whatever you spend personally comes out of your equity – your ownership.
    And don’t quit investing personal money into your business account until it can stand on its own with the business income you are generating with your hard work.
    You will, someday, be able to draw on than account.
    Be patient and . . . You will be able to abundantly bless others out of that account.
    ​​​​​​​Feel free to call me or email your comments.
    Have a blessed day,
    Connie Suarez



Learn to Love Your Job or Leave It

It all started with a quote by Sister Mary Lauretta.to be successful fall in love with your work.png

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your job.” Sister Mary Lauretta.

I don’t even know why I posted the quote. I knew that falling in love with a job is a really hard thing to do.

I have been mostly blessed with jobs that I was happy with. I might not have loved them but I didn’t dread every day that I had to go to the job.

There was one bad job. It was a temporary job. I was between full time jobs and working as an accounting temp. The job was horrible. For me it was temporary. The people I worked with expressed a desperation based upon the feeling that they were stuck there. The shifts were long. There was no time off allowed for job searches.

When my stint with them ended, I made sure that I didn’t get invited back. I didn’t want the desperation of the permanent employees to become mine.

I was fortunate. I found a job that I could truthfully say, “I am grateful for this job.”

So, when I posted that quote, I knew that it might only be possible for someone called Sister.

Strangely, Sister Mary Lauretta is quoted but I couldn’t find any inforimages (1)mation about her. I suspect that if she had learned to love her job, she had also learned humility and avoided publicity.

After I had posted the quote, I felt a little guilty for posting such a glib quote.

I am not accusing Sister Mary of being glib. But I was feeling as if I had been glib.

So, I posted this: Happy Monday! Learn to love your job . . . Or have a plan to leave2017-07-28_1825 it.

The first response was, “I wish it were that easy.”

Of course, I knew that.

So, my next post was: I am curious, which would be easier – to learn to love your job or to make a plan to leave it?

2017-07-28_1822The comments were mixed. Some people chose learning to love their job and others chose to make a plan to leave it. Not really surprising.

I had one more question: Is it easier to learn to love your job and to work the plan you have to leave it?

2017-07-28_1823Not so many comments. I wonder if the reality was beginning to sink in. It isn’t easy to love the job you hate. It isn’t easy to find a way out of it.

I guess I am grateful to not be in that situation. But I think I understand the pain of this dilemma.

I asked myself, how does one learn to love their job? I have three suggestions:

Practice Gratitude

Counselors have long made this a key to healing in mental, emotional and relationship issues. In a paper published by UMass Dartmouth states there are several studies that have indicated the value of gratitude.

Here are my suggestions for practicing gratitude:

Cheerful Woman Writing in Her JournalJournal Your Gratitude – Try this experiment. At the end of your day, write in a journal at least one thing you are grateful for about your job. Do this for 30 days. I predict that you will see an improvement in your attitude about your job.

Verbalize Your Gratitude – I learned the power of verbalizing as a care giver for my mom. I realized I had a less than excited response when she told me thank you. I would nod or mumble my answer. At some point, I decided to speak with meaning the “You’re welcome” I had been mumbling. Soon, I had started sounding like I meant it and I really did.

I didn’t hate what I was doing for my mom. It wasn’t anything like the job you may hate. But speaking clearly, instead of mumbling my pleasure in doing things for her, made a huge difference.

I believe, speaking out loud, an expression of gratitude, will make a difference for you. Thank your boss when you are asked to do a task – after all it is an expression of confidence in you. Thank a co-worker for helping you with a job. Give thanks when someone opens a door for you. Be thankful that you have a job – many people do not.

Review Your Gratitude – Read your journal entries to encourage yourself. Watch for more depth in your gratitude.

Find your purpose.

What is it that makes you excited, fulfilled, happy or content?

girl-2386167_1920.jpgIf education, money, experience, connections weren’t a factor, what would you like to do.

What would you enjoy doing even if you didn’t get paid?

Don’t be afraid to pursue your dream job.

I like to ask the above questions. When I asked a young man, I will call Dan, he answered with a job I didn’t know existed. He wanted to be involved with gun training.

I wondered how realistic he was being. But because I believe we are all designed to fulfill our purpose, I encourage people to pursue their passion. So, I kept my reservations to my self and told him to do what he is passionate about.

Dan had a job that he probably hated. It wasn’t gun related.

Then when he was let go from that job Dan did something that many of us questioned.

I had reservations about Dan’s decision to take his family out of state to pursue an interview with a gun training company. He had no income and no assurance of an interview. I don’t think the company knew he existed.

But, Dan got the interview. He got admittance to a school for gun training. The company he hoped would hire him paid for the school but Dan had to pay for his living expenses. Only the top graduate would be offered a job.

Dan got the job! And he has exceled at it!

Let Go

woman-737439_1920But what if Dan had not been fired from his unfulfilling job? There were frustrations in the job.

While he waited to find a way to his passion, he needed to let go of the frustrations.

I am not sure if he did; but I am guessing that he may have let go of frustrations. Perhaps, that is how he was emotionally strong enough to take the huge risk he did

How do you let go of the frustrations of a terrible job?

Have a dream. Have a plan.

Believe in what you were designed to be.

Find encouragement in realizing you are building character qualities that will strengthen you for pursuing you ultimate goals.

I fear I am still being glib.

I know life is hard. I know there are no easy solutions.

But I do believe that if, today, you will do what is hard, that tomorrow’s path will still be hard. But you will be stronger and it will feel less hard.

There is one more question I think I want to ask.

Knowing that whatever you choose will be hard. Which do you want to choose to learn Knowing that whatever you choose will be hard. Which do you want to choose to learn to love your job or work to leave-to love your job or work to leave?

For some the choice should be to learn to love their job. Others should courageously work their plan to leave.

Which is right for you?

I suggest that whatever you want to choose is where your passion lies. And . . .

If you are following your passion neither can be wrong.

Do what you were made to do.

And be blessed.


Connie Suarez

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What You Can Learn From Mommy Bloggers

You may not want to build a blog.

But a blog might be a way to build your business.

At the least, you can learn about marketing from bloggers.

I ran across this list recently and thought I would share it with you.

I am including website links so you can visit the blogs.

Here is what you should observe:

The balance of content and ads. The ads are what pay the bills but the content is what drives readers to the blog and keeps them coming back.

The type of content is presented. What is being used to attract readers? Are there free offers? Is the content useful to the targeted audience? What services are offered or featured?

Does the blog relate to the reader? Consider how close the blog title and About description match the articles. Do the articles and items advertised both meet the interests of the reader?

Here is what you should learn?

When posting on Facebook keep in mind the ratio of content and promoting your business or product.

Are your posts addressing the interests of the people you want to reach?

Is blogging something that interests you?

Should you consider starting a blog to build your business?

Blogging definitely isn’t for everyone; but learn from these bloggers how you can communicate your product and business with those you are contacting.


How She Got Started: Originally set up in 2007, Caryn designed Rockin’ Mama as a modern lifestyle blog to guide and support eager young moms. She built her audience by being direct and honest in her experiences with pregnancy and the fears she had about becoming a new parent.

What She’s Doing Now: Today Rockin’ Mama is still going strong. Caryn has even managed to expand her original blog’s offerings into a whole host of fun guides and unique recipes that any mom can read and use.



How She Got Started: If anyone embodies the “follow your dreams” philosophy, it would absolutely be Gabrielle Blair. Since starting her blog Design Mom in 2006, Gabrielle has been on the lookout for new ways to expand her horizons and push the limits of her family’s experiences. As a testament to her bold outlook on life, she rounded up her six kids and moved them to France just to prove she could.

What She’s Doing Now: Gabrielle’s blog is still as popular as ever, although she has since moved from France to California. If you’re interested in some unique design tips for your home, feel free to visit her blog and see what has made her brand so enduring over the years.


How She Got Started: Although originally a news reporter, Jennifer Borget has since transitioned into a successful mommy blogger thanks to her work on Baby Making Machine. Through this blog, Jennifer encourages women to take control of their dreams and follow their passion wherever it might lead them.

What She’s Doing Now: If you’re looking for some inspiration to build a legacy, then you’ll want to devote a few hours to consuming everything that Jennifer’s written. You might be there for a while, but you can trust us when we say it’s worth it.

I found Jennifer on Twitter. The blog at Baby Making Machine is not open. Not really a problem for you. Twitter is a tool that might work better than a blog.


How She Got Started: Ashley Ann Campbell first set up Under the Sycamore in 2008 as a way to share her writing and photography. It has since evolved into the successful mommy blog that it’s now known for.

What She’s Doing Now: Ashley maintains her blog to this day, helping families express their individuality and embrace their uniqueness.





How She Got Started: Kimberley Blaine set up The Go-To Mom as a helpful guide for new and would-be mothers. It has since served as an excellent resource for anyone interested in mindfulness and spiritual exploration.

What She’s Doing Now: Kimberley’s successful mommy blog has afforded her numerous opportunities, including book signings and guest appearances on television.



How They Got Started: This one is a little unique in that the mommy blog is actually more of a mommies blog. Originally set up by Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald, MomsLA has evolved into something more than just a blog.

What They are Doing Now: MomsLA has brought in guest writers to flesh out content on the main site. It continues to be a great resource for moms interested in new activities and sites to take their kids.



How She Got Started: Naomi got her start blogging when she and her family were just beginning their journey. After numerous back-and-forth moves across the country—all well-documented of course—we’ve come to feel like a silent part of Naomi’s family.

What She’s Doing Now: Love Taza has evolved from a blog about raising a family into one about general New York life. Even with a slight content shift, it’s still as beautifully photographed as ever.



How She Got Started: Chelsea started her blog, Someday I’ll Learn, by infusing each of her posts with her infectious sense of humor and providing real value to her audience.

What She’s Doing Now: That commitment to quality has paid off. Chelsea’s blog has made appearances on numerous television channels, including Fox and CNN.



How She Got Started: Amber started her blog, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, as an innocent and fun exercise in chronicling her family’s adventures. Thanks to her comedic instincts and hilariously poor drawings, it has become something much more.

What She’s Doing Now: Amber was able to translate her success as a blogger into success as a writer with her very own book available for sale. If you’ve ever wondered how you could parlay your success as an internet blogger into something worth money, then you’ll definitely want to study Amber and everything she did to become the mommy blogger she is today.


To be a successful network marketer today demands that one become a social entrepreneur.

You need to find your niche and then get as good as you can from there.

You may never write a blog but I am confident that if you have read this far you have gleaned some approach to add to your marketing toolbox.

God bless you,

Connie Suarez



Helping others improve their physical and financial health.


Julie Burke’s Three “Magic” Questions to Quickly Sift, Sort, and Qualify Your Prospects

The blog I am bringing to you is a must read or listen (a video is included.)

Almost all network marketers know that the internet is the new tool for recruiting. But there are established “best practices.”

Julie Burke is a leader in Facebook recruiting. But the 3 questions she presents here will work across all platforms. Even the phone.

Watch the video below to discover the three prospecting questions I used to grow my network marketing business to six figures and beyond—without cold calling, spamming links, doing home parties, or making a list of 100 names.

This will help you authoritatively create posture in your recruiting process while still authentically being yourself.

I get messages all the time from people just spamming their links and desperately trying to recruit me into their business…

…and you know what?

It’s annoying!

And the real kicker is when that doesn’t work, they get sad, frustrated, depressed, and quit, because “it doesn’t work” for them.

Well, I’m here to tell you…

If you’re not making a TRUE connection with somebody, then you’re probably not going to hear back from them.

Put yourself in their shoes!

If you get messages from someone who doesn’t truly care about you, because they’re just spamming all about their company and sending you links, how is that going to make you feel?

You’re probably going to think…

What the heck! Why would I reach out to them? They didn’t even spend the time to try to figure out who I am, and if they even have an appropriate solution for me.


So instead…

You want to become a solution agent instead of a human “spam bot”

To do this, you want to find the pains or problems your prospects are experiencing and want to solve.

These will help you sift, sort, and qualify your prospects, because not everyone is going to want your solution or opportunity.

And that’s okay!

So let’s dive in.

Here are the three questions you’re going to ask people, starting today…

Question #1: “Are you happy?”

It’s as simple as that.

Ask a question that’s relevant to your opportunity, such as…

  • “Are you happy with the way you’re feeling in your day-to-day life?”
  • “Are you happy with the way your body feels right now?”
  • “Do you have enough energy?”
  • “Do you feel tired?”
  • “Are you happy with your travel/insurance agent?”
  • “Are you happy with your 9:00-to-5:00 job, or would you like more freedom?”

Again, it’s as simple as that…

“Are you happy?”

If they answer “no,” indicating they are not happy…

Question #2: “Do you have a plan to change that?”

Next ask them if they have a plan to change that.

Most likely they don’t, because a lot of people are walking around like zombies, trying to figure out how to become happier, get out of debt, or how they can actually make an impact in the world, and have passion back in their life.

Quick story…

Four years ago, when I got involved in network marketing, I was passionate about health and fitness and I just wanted to help people.

I wanted to feel like I was a “part” of something.

Can you relate?

Maybe that’s why you’re with your network marketing company?

But I felt like, as a stay at home mom, I lost a part of me, having owned a franchise for eight years and going from working 60 hours a week and running several stores, to nothing.

And so I felt like I lost a piece of me; a piece of my entrepreneurial spirit.

For me it wasn’t about the money.

It wasn’t about the freedom.

It was about feeling like I was a part of something again.

Little did I know what was going to be ahead of me!

So, returning to our question…

You have to figure out, is this person happy and do they have a plan to change that.

If they answer “no,” indicating they do not have a plan…

Question #3: “Do you want to see one?”

Next ask them if they’d like to see one.

And if they say “yes,” then you’re going to send them a tool.

Don’t BE the tool; send them to a website, video, podcast—whatever your company has.

Super simple.

Then show them the plan.

If they say “no,” maybe they don’t want to see a plan because they’re overwhelmed, they can’t wrap their mind around it, their daughter is getting married in a week—whatever it is, life happens.

If they’re not ready to see the plan, do not show them the plan.

Do not pressure them.

You can always say…

“I understand that right now is not the right time. However, do you mind if I follow up with you in a couple months? Life might be different for you then. You might be looking for some extra cash flow, or you might be looking to get out of your 9:00-to-5:00. You know, I can totally respect where you’re at right now, but let me know if I can stay in contact with you. I’d love to be able to reach out to you in a couple months.”

The less you say, the better off you are.

Get really good at asking questions, it’s better to get your prospects talking.

Again, here are the three questions…

  1. “So are you happy?”
  2. “Do you have a plan to change that?”
  3. “Do you want to see one?”

Keep it simple.

Make it about them.

So there you have it!

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While you are still here, let me ask you this…

Do you need help finding prospects on social media?

Because if you’re just starting out in network marketing, or are just starting to put time into social media…

Then you might like a tool I created to help out other network marketers who need to kick start their social media efforts.

It’s called the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy, and it’s 100% free.

It includes word-for-word scripts, example posts, plus some “dos and don’ts” around Facebook, so you can instantly be more effective with your sponsoring and recruiting online.

…all without being “spammy,” without pouncing on people, and without running an infomercial on your page.

You’ll discover the exact method I used to personally sponsor 270+ reps and grow a team of 8,300 distributors, all from the comfort of my home, in just 3 years.

In fact…

These strategies create such explosive duplication, that for every person I sponsored, my team would grow by an average of 30 people in depth each time.

Ready to learn more?

Then make sure you click here and grab your free copy today!


Cheers to your success!

Julie Burke

700k Social Media Recruiting Frenzy!

How This Busy Mom Built a Team of Over 8200 Distributors on Social Media…

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Julie Burke


In less than 4 years, Julie Burke leaped to the top of her network marketing company, built a huge team of 8,300 people, and made over $750,000 in commissions, overrides, and bonuses – all without putting together a “warm market list,” making a single cold call, or struggling for a single day to make a profit in her business!

What is Confidence and How Do You Get It?

Stepping out of my comfort zone is a sure way to grow in self confidence.

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Think of a confident person in your life. It may include a fearless coworker in the face of adversity or a friend who doesn’t care what anyone thinks when they hit the dance floor. Though these people may have the “fake it ‘till you make it” mentality down, being truly confident involves much more. A confident person shows competence and intelligence in a natural and quiet demeanor.

As such, confidence can impact all aspects of your life. From work and school, to social and family relationships, it can determine success as well as open the door to new opportunities.

Read to learn more about confidence, how you can continue to build self-confidence and see the positive impacts in your life.



As Vincent van Gogh explains, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” Confidence is the belief in one’s ability to succeed. It’s not just a behavior, it can also be seen in our body language. From eye contact to good posture and smiling more often, looking confident plays an important role to your overall confidence level.

Although this may come more naturally for some people, confidence is a behavior that can be learned and incorporated in various facets of your life. How? From gaining better listening skills to owning and growing through mistakes and being ambitious in your actions, there are many ways to grow as a confident person. Observe the confident people in your life, and take note of their qualities. It can help show you how diverse real confidence is in the world.


When you are confident, it can improve your quality of life and affect your success in work, school, relationships and more. More importantly, confidence correlates with self-esteem. John M. Grohol, Psy.D. explains,

“People with a good and healthy self-esteem are able to feel good about themselves for who they are, appreciate their own worth, and take pride in their abilities and accomplishments. They also acknowledge that while they’re not perfect and have faults, those faults don’t play an overwhelming or irrationally large role in their lives or their own self-image (how you see yourself).”

In addition to self-esteem, confidence is how we are able to keep learning and developing in order to contribute to our communities and to the world. If we all lacked confidence and as such, self-esteem, there would be no education, progression or innovation within our society. When it comes down to it, confidence impacts the way we choose to live our lives.


So, what’s the best way to build confidence? Below are various ways that can help you boost self-confidence:

Exercise: Exercise is a great remedy, especially when you feel stressed or anxious (which kills confidence). Look for ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Whether you enjoy practicing yoga at home after a long day in the office, play a pick-up basketball game with your friends on the weekends or take a quick walk outside in between work meetings—there are many activities that can help reduce stress and boost confidence.

Make a list of your strengths: When was the last time you’ve sat down and thought about what you excel at? Spend 5 to 10 minutes creating the list, thinking also about what other people have observed or admired about you. Once you’ve created the list, turn the paper over and make a list of what you want to become better at. Whether you want to improve or develop a new skill or educate yourself in a new topic, working on self-improvement can help increase your confidence, especially in new situations.

Set a small goal: With the above list you made, pick a small goal and work to achieve it—something reasonable that can be accomplished in the timeframe of a couple of weeks. This is a good habit to develop, as each goal you’ll achieve will not only boost self-confidence, but allow you to start setting bigger goals.

Listen: Confident people are not afraid to take the backseat and listen when having a conversation. If the conversation lulls, instead of filling the air with your own comments, ask thoughtful questions or advice to not only show respect to the person you’re communicating with, but to give yourself the opportunity to learn something new.

Volunteer: When’s the last time you’ve given back to the community? A great way to grow self-confidence is to forget about your own needs for a couple of hours and devote your time volunteering for a good cause. Serving those in your local communities boosts positive emotions that directly impact your confidence.

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The key with confidence is to always keep growing it—learn new things, put yourself in new situations or opportunities to succeed in. But more importantly, catch yourself when you’re not feeling confident. Stop the vicious doubts or thoughts in your head the moment they come up and instead, take a step back, relax and reassure yourself of your abilities. Lastly, when working on confidence, don’t abandon who you are. Being comfortable with yourself and your interests creates a natural confident behavior.

All in all, having confidence can help propel you forward in the various aspects of your life. To truly achieve confidence, you must be confident in your words and actions. This also means being comfortable with who you are and within your own skin.